About Tinsel, Tat & Treasure

Tinsel, Tat & Treasure is my personal blog, and represents a return to blogging after a break starting a family and rebuilding my career. I previously blogged at Perdita's Pursuits if you want to check out what I did in my younger days!

As a woman with a multi-faceted life, what I write is multi-faceted too! My areas of interest include family retro and alternative fashions and beauty, food and lifestyle - I live in West London and love to explore wider afield.

As someone who suffered from recurrent miscarriage (including a partial molar pregnancy) due to an auto-immune condition, I am also very open to discussing the challenges of pregnancy after loss and promoting women's health issues.

This blog is personal and not-for-profit, however I have experience working with both personal and professional bloggers and influencers, and have reviewed products which match well with my writing. I always declare any items gifted for review on the blog. Should you wish to email me, please click here to contact me.

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