Monday, 29 May 2017

Mini Poundland Haul

How has your bank holiday been? We've had a semi-quiet one - a trip to the local zoo (more an animal centre, breeding endangered smaller animals and rare breed farm animals), a few friends over and a trip to the park this morning.
On the way we popped into Poundland to pick up some snacks to watch the football with. As usual we came out with more than we went in with, but I was rather proud of myself as we didn't go mad!
There are plenty of crisps and snacks all year round in Poundland and I often go there for "nibbles". I'm a nibbler for sure and cannot invite anyone round without popping snacks into a bowl. So 70s again!
We opted for Pom Bears, which are actually a favourite of His Lordship rather than Ye Childe, with a great big 300g carrot loaf cake. If it's tasty it will be a regular on my list - especially for a reading club I run where the snacks are second only to the books. Teenagers huh? They also had Paw Patrol cups, which look perfect for any kid who likes those talking dogs and their idiotic human rulers - I'm always having to encourage mine to drink enough water on hot days, so I grabbed them. At two for a pound they'd make nice alternative party bags too, I thought, if you popped in a treat and a balloon. More useful than a teeny little carrier bag too!
Last but not least, I spotted Burt's Bees lip balms in the branded cosmetics area. These are usually much, much more than £1! They are also packaged in black, as opposed to the yellow and white branded packaging ... which means they might not get snapped up right away! Well worth a rummage.
Am I the only one who can't go into a Poundland for "just one thing"? Let me know in the comments which shop always gets you off the shopping list!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Ruislip Lido & Woods

Ruislip Lido was once called "London's Lung" and it really is an amazing place: you cannot believe you are in suburban London once you turn off the main road and start to explore the acres of woodland, lakeside beach and even the miniature railway.