Monday, 8 May 2017

Fresh New Blog: Finish My Post Idea List For Me!

Welcome to my new blog - I've decided to start this new one so that I can continue (or rather, start again!) to write regular posts, but with more of a reflection on my life and experiences as they stand now. I've found both the content and the style of the old Perdita's Pursuits blog hard to maintain over the last two years; the shabby-retro style can slip so easily into plain old shabby when you have no time for trying every filter and tweaking every photo, and when the blog relies on content involving regular splurges at vintage events and you don't really splurge that much - well, it led to a need for something new. 

At the moment, I'm a full-time working mum with some (thankfully mild) long term health management and I want what I write to reflect that ... not cover it up because work and kids are just too mainstream darling, and health, well what a downer. I'm still up to the same stuff - but with some new things too, on less sleep and time. So my posts are going to be a little shorter, with perhaps fewer nights out reviewed and a few more daytime things. Don't worry though: I'm not a twee Pinterest Mummy by a long shot, and have no intention of becoming so. I only went for the generic white-and-pastel scheme because it's easier to format. Kitsch, retro and bargains will still be the backbone of the blog - and health/family content will be clearly labelled if all you want is the fun stuff (frankly, right now on two hours sleep, I wouldn't blame you). 

So what can you expect from the blog? Well here is a list of my initial ideas. I wrote them down in a notebook and everything (a Poundland note book, of course):

1. Bargain Hauls (but of course);
2. Vintage or second-hand item of the week with ideas for styling;
3. Trends I love this month;
4. Retro and heritage recipes;
5. Family snapshot of the month- something we've been up to which others might enjoy;
6. Social Media inspiration of the month - great follows on Instagram or Pinterest (they won't be Insta-perfect, I promise!);
7. Books or blogs I love; 
8. Outfit posts (see how far down it is nowadays!);
9. Out and about reviews - weekends or days out;
10. DIYs and tips.

...well, those are my initial ideas! Now I need you to help. What would you like me to include? What are your favourite quick and simple blog post ideas? Hit me! (Not literally, I would fall down. Two hours sleep innit). 


  1. I'd love to offer ideas, but I struggle with that one myself! I like seeing what others have that's new (or new to them) though, although that isn't something I do often myself. I live in a beautiful part of the country, but charity shops here are picked dry, by the vintage shops, I'm sure xxx

  2. This sounds really great!! Congrats on the new blog & thank you for visiting mine. I hope you have a super week :) xx


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